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Rembrandtplein Pull – Field Report #6 ‘How we Didn’t Get an Orgy’

At new years eve I worked and I was tired. I tried to meet up with a girlfriend but she was having fun and I smoked weed when I had the chance to, because I told myself that I wouldn’t… Continue Reading →

Rembrantplein Date – Field Report #5 ‘Cappucino and a Handjob Please’

I’m getting back my momentum because I’m a free man again. My job as a painter stopped for the winter season so I’m fully emerged in the clubs at night again to be the best coach. I decided to put… Continue Reading →

Rembrandtplein Date – Field Report #4 ‘Sneaking In’

When I woke up last Sunday I immediately texted my date. I had a good feeling about this one because of our last WhatsApp dialog. She sent me something that I took as a test. She called me ‘friend’ over… Continue Reading →

Budapest Holiday – Field Report 3# ‘Two Girls for Three Guys’

It was Nicolò with the girl he had pulled. Of course I couldn’t sleep anymore. I silently jerked off without Erdal noticing. Who slept in my room too. I told him that I couldn’t sleep and nor could he. We went… Continue Reading →

Budapest Holiday – Field Report 2# ‘Connecting’

The police was still far away but she was very scared. I told her to get deeper in the water. Our clothes near the shore were just few and just our noses stack out of the water. I must admit… Continue Reading →

Budapest Holiday – Field Report 1# ‘Sex in the City’s River’

When we stepped out of the airplane I noticed the first few Hungarian girls that worked at the airport to hold their eye contact slightly longer. This was probably because of the excitement in my own eyes because of the… Continue Reading →

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