When I woke up last Sunday I immediately texted my date. I had a good feeling about this one because of our last WhatsApp dialog. She sent me something that I took as a test.

She called me ‘friend’ over text and I called her out big time on it which followed in a short banter session. Before that teasing I was a bit worried and I even asked a friend for some advice. We have had two dates before Sunday where she didn’t want to kiss me.

I tried to kiss her many times though. At first I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t want to kiss in my perfect Amstelpark setup.

Although, it happened before, that a girl didn’t want to kiss until she was on my bed.

But this one didn’t have time to come to my place. I knew that in advance. But I went for it anyway. It was similar to the second time, where we only had a short drink on a terrace because I had some time left to see her, but even there she didn’t want to kiss me.

I was happy I couldn’t feel embarrassed to go for the kiss on a terrace with people but it annoyed me a lot because I liked her idea’s.

Her ideas were about polyamory. She was polyamorous and bisexual. Off course most girls are, with some proper training, but this one had experience in it. Ans she didn’t want to be labeled ‘polyamorous’, also, like the others.

Still, my belly talks to me when I meet a potential girlfriend. I mean, one that I can talk to about who I really am. Not too much off course, just the necessary, but when I meet one I feel really excited. Not too much again. Just the necessary, I don’t want to fall into one-itis. That stuff only destroys relationships.

When I arrived on the square where I told her to come she was already there. I could see that she put in effort to her appearance, like me. I forgot to compliment her on it, like a Dutch gentleman.

The day before I happened to have fully tested my skill. I took it very easy and slow because my skill with the last 6 girls I got into the cinema, where I normally pull girls to have sex with them, had backfired on me. I was as powerless as Giacomo Casanova after his return to Venice.

So the day before meeting up with my Spanish ‘friend’ I had been on a quest to quell my dry spell. I had been on a couple of dates with some tourists where I wouldn’t escalate too hard or wouldn’t lure my targets into the ceiling of the old cinema.

That helped. I was calm and in the mood. Or at least that’s what I told myself. Maybe I just believed this worked and that’s why it worked like a placebo effect. I never know for sure with pickup.

I started with coffee on the couch in Coco’s. I could see that she was warm. There was some kind of advantage here. I couldn’t really figure it out. Was it my banter over text? Was it my freshly acquired momentum or was it the right sequence of locations that put me in my habit mode? Perhaps a combination of this. Finally I could see that she was down for it. It was quite obvious because I started talking dirty and she jumped my hoop by answering the questions. I tried to kiss her again after a good qualification but she turned me down again.

Now imagine there is this girl that gives all the signals but still doesn’t want to kiss. My brain started to pull out some playing cards but I turned down the offer of it to play a game with me. In other words… I almost got in my head.

It didn’t happen because she told me that she didn’t want to kiss me with my big mustache.

She was playing me as hard as I was playing her!

Time to drag her to the cinema!

We bought some beers and sneaked into the place.

It was terribly easy because of some film festival. The doors were wide open.

Inside I led her to the upper parts of the monumental building. I just love that place. It’s so quiet and cozy with the red carpet and the old wood. We entered the biggest room from the highest floor, under the ceiling and looked inside the old theater. But there were people on the 3rd floor too. There was probably a lack of space because of the film festival. It was a bit scary because if people saw us they just had to send a text and some security guy would have come to get us out. After getting us on my usual spot I decided that no one had seen us and I opened the cans of beer when the movie made loud noises.

I took off my jacket, scarf and hat and she followed my lead. We were in a small corner at the end of the theater room and the old wooden walls were cracking because we were sitting against them, on the soft carpet on the floor.

I wanted to play it safe now because this is where I had screwed up many times lately, since I slacked off. I had stopped going out clubbing so that I could focus on my website and YouTube channel.

So I gave her the impression that I would take it easy. I didn’t touch her as much as I did on the couch in Coco’s. I gave her space so she could long for me and feel safe in this ultra isolated and slightly scary place. I’m saying slightly but in fact the others freaked out.

Not because of the darkness and fluffy walls, nor the Santa statue that changes position every time I’m there in the historical soviet-like emergency exit stair house, but simply just because my grabby hands would go in for the boobs way too fast after my massage routine.

It was the spoiled and selfish little brat inside me that felt entitled after a streak of successes but didn’t put effort of staying fit. Scratching the back of it’s head after some of the girls almost try to find their own way out of the old labyrinth-like theater.

Today was different. I took my time, or at least that’s the impression that I made. Or maybe I didn’t, because this was my 3rd date with this women, depending on how you look at it.

I started caressing her back and slowly her boobs too. She put a tiny bit of resistance but then let me get into her bra. I caressed her ass and rubbed her pussy.

When I pinched her nipple again she grabbed my head and started making out with me, sliding her tongue down my throat.

It felt like a victory. A victory that I had prepared for, my whole life, with frustration, one of many victories but still, a great, well deserved victory. There had been many disappointments in my past, when I was a young boy. Sometimes I’m just glad those were given to me in such a quantity that my victories will stay sweet until my death. I just know it.

Then she told me she was on her period but we took out my dick together anyway. She played with it and told me what she wanted to do with me and said it would be for a next time. So I ended up making myself come after she played with her boobs and brushed them against me. I think some people must have heard the wooden walls cracking. We were lying down on each other, me all tipsy and sleepy and she still horny and surrendered. We laid down our arms, the battle was fierce. And the beautiful thing with these kind of battles is that there are either two losers or two winners. We were victorious. Or did I feel like that because of the epic music in the cinema? The movie was ending and we were there in the corner of the theater, clothes everywhere. Then the lights turned on and I could see people on the 3rd row. They could see us too.

But they didn’t. And we had an awkward wait. They were strikingly slow. I decided to crouch to get my clothes without being seen and when we looked like decent humans again I told her lets just go, pretend like we were watching like normal guests and then we can go out the back door of the building.

When we stood up and stepped over the barriers locking out the upper front room no one even saw us. Nevertheless, it was pretty exciting.