It was Nicolò with the girl he had pulled. Of course I couldn’t sleep anymore. I silently jerked off without Erdal noticing. Who slept in my room too. I told him that I couldn’t sleep and nor could he. We went downstairs and I gave Nicolò a cigarette. We smoked on the windowsill. I introduced myself to the gorgeous Hungarian creature. Nicolò, as always, was in a rush to get one on one with her and dragged her into his room. Tamás, Erdal and me were all downstairs like curious little mice. We decided to go back to proceed our powernapping attempts. It never takes long with Nicolò. After 5 minutes I heard the his bed banging against the wall.

Shortly after Erdal and me gave up on powernapping and got downstairs she was already gone. Nicolò told us what happened. He talked to a group of girls that were getting ready to go clubbing while drinking on the streets. He got the girl’s interest and her friends all screaming and making fun of the situation, probably in awe of his action. When one of the girl’s friends started taking pictures of them kissing he had told her to come with him around the corner, out of sight while telling the friend’s they should give them some privacy. Instead he dragged her into a metro and got her home. The friends were texting her the whole time but she enjoyed Nicolò’s vibe so much that she got along with it. Even during sex she was texting her friends. Right after the deed she rushed back, probably in an attempt to not feel judged or letting her friends down too much for their ‘girls night out’, we later concluded.

The next day we would discuss when you’re being ethical and responsible when dealing with people and their feelings but tonight it was time to go out to a huge, very trashy and adventurous club full of drunk English and Dutch tourists. We started walking.

On my way there I was shocked how many homeless people were sleeping in alley’s, phone booths and on benches. I saw as much as 8 on one street. This got me in my head, I felt disgusted to go out and spend money while these poor guys didn’t have anything. When we got at the club the line was huge, I’m talking extreme long. We passed a stripclub and an older women approached us. She said free drinks. I wanted to check it out because i had good experiences with stripclubs in Amsterdam and everything was cheap here anyway but Nicolò told me to get the hell away from that place. That if you get in there you don’t come out without paying and that it’s not you but the stripclub that calls the police. When he calmed down and we were in line the guys chatted with some dutch girls when I saw a crippled homeless woman and an old man checking empty beer bottles for rest overs. What was wrong with this country? Why do they not take care if their crippled people? There was a limousine outside and some of the English guys were wearing ballerina outfits. Nicolò went for food and came back telling that a Canadian guy could let us in for free.
I joined Nicolò to meet this guy and I didn’t trust anyone at this point anymore but the big old guy later explained that he kind of got that. We got in, skipping the line, it turned out that he had helped the bouncers upstairs with handling a fight. It was a really big guy with a big belly and a pink shirt, very kind, and meeting up with his son in this country. I felt better again because of him, I even told him that. But still we decided that it was time to explore the club.

Holy shit. This place was huge. It kind of looked like club Nyx with the style of Bloemenbar. Very dirty and trashy. So were the people there. I saw English guys climbing from floor to floor whilst friends of them cheering. Very dangerous act. Imagine you are in a huge old complex. Like a square appartment were the open place has been closed down by a roof. The small rooms were actually tiny appartments. I think this place had over 10, maybe 15 dancefloors and maybe around 30 other rooms where you could sit and relax. I think 95% of the people were either Dutch or English. We tried to avoid them a bit like we do in Amsterdam. I ended up making out with a French girl whom I tried to secretly finger while her friends and my friends were around us. She didn’t let me go all the way. Later I saw a guy falling down as if he got knocked out. All his beer fell over him, a huge pitcher. Bar stools fell down with a loud bang. It took a while before people helped him up because no one cared. Shortly after when he was standing again he fell down again, again with a loud bang. At the same time 4 English guys were asking Erdal to take pictures. They made the weirdest poses and one of them whipped his dick out for the picture. Another one had done the same to photo bomb a pic that I tried to make of Tamás. They proceeded by trying breakdance moves while holding their beer when we decided to go.
I saw the French girl talking to a German guy outside when I was about to go. I had been meeting her again inside the club and kissed her every time but now she is cooled down a lot. The guy is pretty dominant in a very kind way and I don’t know what to say. I get in my head. I was doing just fine earlier. My head tells me to try to get her away from this guy and I try in a desperate attempt to ask her to come to my place for beer. Before I pronounce the last word I already regret it having said that and it makes me want to go away because the German guy is just standing there, waiting until I’m done with her. She says no thanks, I have to go home. I give up because I’m just speechless and getting very clingy and needy towards her. I hate this feeling. It’s horrible that I let this change my mood so quickly. I try to kiss her goodbye but she rejects me in front of the guy. This was so embarrasing and felt so bad in many ways that I make an exception for this girl. I’m not going to text her, ever. My painbody agrees with me like a champ.
Later, it turned out that this girl was still interested, probably openminded and just my type as in behavior. If I would have met her in Amsterdam she would have been quite cool to hang out with long term. She was likely just planning to get us both. I like that. She ended up texting me when I was back in Holland, asking me if I was still in Hungary.


The entrance of the club, as we left it in the morning

The next day was gonna be the last evening. I had planned a tinder date and prepared all the cameras I had brought. Even a hidden one in the appartment was installed. I was gonna make a full date-to-pull video to show to my future students. I had given Tamás and Nicolò some camera’s and some instructions. The plan was to get the girl secretly filmed from meeting up till the full close at the apartment. So, I walk up to the metro station, all wired for the sound and my crew following me. When I see her he doesn’t look as pretty as on Tinder but she is still a petite redhead. I instantly notice she has a persona over her. I vibe with her, going along with it when I notice I forgot to bring the keys of the house. We were gonna get some beers from my fridge to drink in a park next to our apartment, hoping the spare keys were under the doormat, as we were four guys with three keys. They weren’t there. I tell the girl to wait right there and I run downstairs when I see Nicolò and Tamás with their camera’s in their hands, coming upstairs to film us getting in the house. I get a key and forget to give them further instructions.
I grab some beers and the girl and head to the park. I get drunk as soon as I taste beer so I am vibing pretty well. I look around to see where the guys are positioned and cannot find them. I want to text them to tell them to get the hell to the park but I had given my phone to them just for extra filming, because I hadn’t brought the chargers for the camera’s. This whole plan was a big failure. I decide to just leave the sound recording and proceed having fun with the girl. So when she proposes to go to her house I go along with her.
When we get there I come into a very old but super chique building. It was from her family and she lives there alone. She tells me that in communist times the house was divided by three, and that 3 families lived there. She shows me the old hinges that would hold the doors that separated the families. The house has around twenty old carpets.
When we get on the bed she is ready for me. We haven’t even kissed yet at this point but you know, it’s all so obvious. This girl said she was looking for a ‘fling’ in her Tinder profile. But then she notices the cord that is taped to my chest. I’m really ashamed and she doesn’t ask what it is, probably making it look like it’s some kind of heart device. After I take it off in the toiled I bang her. After the deed I wanted to go to my place because I still had no phone on me and she agreed to come along as long as there weren’t other guys around. At this point I had also told her that I have a girlfriend and this girl responded shocked, in spite of her Tinder text.

When we get home, Tamás is there, telling us that he really doesn’t want to go out on the last day but him and her get along quite well. I’m worried because the next day I had my other Hungarian girl coming over to see me for one last time and I hadn’t told the redhead about it. It was gonna be tight in the morning.
So here it happens. Tamás and me talk about pickup the whole freaking time, also in front of girls. So this girl knows whats up exactly. She seems cool with it, even interested. When I go to bed with her she asks me while I’m penetrating her from the side if my friends and I also share girls sometimes.
This question totally shifts the dynamic and I get a lot of dirty idea’s. My mind was full of them after I went to a sex club with my girlfriend in Amsterdam and after I had, I must admit, a pretty awkward threesome with a friend of mine and his girl. My reality was, lets say, ready for what happened next.

I finish fucking her quickly as I thought that Tamás would please her for me anyway afterward. When I’m done I quickly run to Tamás’ room to wake him up. I ask him if he wants to fuck my girl. He tells me he doesn’t know. He cannot get horny that fast. He’s half sleeping still when I drag my girl to his room and throw her on the bed. She is coming along but resisting verbally until I grab Tamás’ hand and put his finger in between her soaking wet pussylips. She starts moaning and Tamás asks me if we are gonna fuck her together. I say no, go for it and I get a condom from my room and throw it in between them before I close the door. A couple minutes later I hear the bed bouncing and it makes me very horny. I jerk off and fall asleep with a big grin on my face.

The next morning I wake up and she is standing next to my bed all naked. She gets in my bed and we cuddle for a bit. We have sex and then she rushes out of the house because she doesn’t want to meet my other girlfriend, which comes right after I take a shower. We eat some breakfast and Tamás goes away. Erdal is home by now and I haven’t seen Nicolò yet. I grab my round assed cutie upstairs and have sex with her, aswell. I’m still thinking of what I did with the other girl and wonder what Tamás feels like right now. Erdal probably knows what’s happened already when I ask this girl if she wants to have sex with one of my friends. She stays silent. I ask her if she likes the Italian guy, or maybe the Turkish guy with the jacked body? She says yeah, I prefer the strong guy. That’s all I needed to hear. I sprint down all naked. I had been running around naked all the time the past few days so that wasn’t much of a shock to Erdal but when I asked him up he was a bit hesitant. He had earlier told me that he really liked my girl, she had a nice figure so I never asked for his opinion. I drag him upstairs and tell him to take off his pants. He hesitates. And takes of his t-shirt instead. Then I drag him to the room where my girl is lying naked under a big pillow. I tell them that they both want each other and Erdal stands there, waiting for some kind of approval from the girl but still takes off his pants, she just smiles at us. I take away the pillow, revealing all her goods and Erdal stands there in his boxer shorts.
I know that at this point hesitation can kill the moment so I drag Erdal’s boxer down and a huge dick shoots out. I walk away from the room, leaving them together after I trademarkishly throw a condom in between them.
Later he tells me that she rides like a pornstar. And guys reading this. Those two girls did more in bed with my friends then with me. The key is to not judge women. They can be wild animals as long as they can get away with it. If you ask for permission you are judging them and it ruins the fun for her, this could be a once in a lifetime experience for them. So please don’t be all mister nice guy when something similar occurs in the future because it probably will. 😉

The redhead ended up going on a date with Tamás the next day after we went to the airport, because he stayed a bit longer to see his son that lives in Hungary too. The cutie that had enjoyed Erdal came along with us to the shopping mall where I met her in the first place. It was ironic and romantic, really funny and mind blowing for her to see Nicolò and Erdal approaching. I did only one and she witnessed a very warm response and hug I got from a local girl. Also Nicolò had a very sexual interaction with a girl in a Burger King queue, pushing through her resistance until she yielded and reciprocated his advances. I bought a pair of earrings for her and we gave away all the food from the fridge and Hungarian money we had left to really hungry homeless people. This girl has plans of coming to Amsterdam to work in an icecream shop. I told her that maybe she would get along with my girlfriend.

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