When we stepped out of the airplane I noticed the first few Hungarian girls that worked at the airport to hold their eye contact slightly longer. This was probably because of the excitement in my own eyes because of the first flight I ever took in my life. However though I told myself and my friends that the girls here loved me and that we would have a hell of a great time.

After some approaches we ended up near our apartment where Nicolò and Tamás would go in because we rented one for three people only. So Erdal and me were waiting on a hot street of Budapest called Vörösmarty Utca.
There were only old people and hot girls, very hot girls, clothed so sexy and feminine that a Dutch woman would be invisible even with a magnifier glass.
I approach a tattooed girl, she asks for my number and tells me we will have a drink. I approach another one but she rejects me because she is married and then I approach a young girl that tells me she lives with her parents. She doesn’t speak English but looks at me as if I’m some sort of celebrity. I don’t remember if I just kissed her mouth or if I tongue kissed her but I do remember that there was no trace of resistance at all. When I looked up I noticed that Erdal hadn’t seen me doing it and I cursed on the inside.

That day we went to a shopping street near Vörösmarty Ter and I fell in love with the hill on the other side. I really wanted to climb it with a girl and I was hoping there would be a lake behind it where we could swim naked.

My friends and I approached like madmen. We got many numbers because the tourists were in groups and the locals were working or in a rush. Nicolò was on solo mode when we got to the end of the street on a small square. While Erdal approached an older woman I saw two smoking hot petite girls dressed as sexy as the locals, plus some extra make up and very tanned skin. They were very young and one of them told us they were porn stars. Then shey started hitting on us. Tamás and me got crazy, we messed up the set completely by ignoring the blonde girl a bit, who at some point dragged her friend away while Tamás was still holding the friend’s phone in his hands. The four of us were shouting and screaming. “Come with me” “give me your number” “don’t be jealous, you’re also gorgeous” “fuck off we have to go” “your handsome, take my number” “what’s the Russian netnumber?” Etc etc. We reapproached many times and everyone on the square looked at us. Literally. Both tourists and locals. The tiny tanned belly of that horny openminded creature still burns on my eyeball’s membrane today.

When we got back to the apartment I wrote on my Tinder profile that I wanted to climb the hill and swim with a local girl and started swiping. We ate and all took a powernap to get ready for nightgame. I woke up the next morning and apparently I had told them to leave me alone and go out without me.

The next morning I was the first to wake up ofcourse and I got some pastries and other groceries from the local baker and supermarket when I saw a girl walking in the same direction as me. I have been practicing opening indirect lately and I just went for it smoothly. Walking with her. She told me she was going to work and after work she would be going to Italy on holiday. So there was no chance I would see this girl again shortly, probably never. She told me she was single though. I told her to stop when we were at the end of the street where my apartment was and I qualified her about the fact that she leaves her house early so she can meet strangers on the way. (hint for readers)
She told me that that wasn’t true and that she was late for work already. That’s when I passionately kissed her for a long time. I hadn’t even taken a shower nor brushed my teeth yet. My hair looked like Albert Einstein’s.

That day we went to the shopping mall of West End in the north of Budapest. Holy shit. It’s almost like the women there are just in abundance. The warm weather made it so much more pretty. To me it seemed like there were only hot girls. Infodesks, clothingstores and souvenirshops. They were all hot girls. Even at the Burger King I couldn’t find fatties. It’s like waking up in a Barbie cartoon. The women shopping were dressed to kill. Some even wore jeans so short and tight that a g-string would cover more of their bouncy asses. We approached like machines. Leaving no prisoners. The girls working or not working, we just didn’t care.

They were, however, almost all married or engaged. They wear their rings proudly but just not always on the right finger. I check the public toilets in the mall and they were super dirty, there were 3 doors. The first one had a thick layer of water on the floor and the door wouldn’t close. The second one also had a door that didn’t close. No matter what I tried, the lock kept falling down when I closed the door. The third one I didn’t even check because there was a poo floating in the water filled toilet. I figured I wasn’t gonna pull a girl here and had to figure something out. A good friend who regularly pulls from daygame had told me that he couldn’t pull girls out of shopping malls, neither after a coffee, not even in countries that are considerered like daygame walhalla’s by the pickup community. The women’s room was very crowded so I didn’t go in to see how clean they were.

Nicolò was on an instant date and Erdal and Tamás were also on solo mode when I saw a cute brunette in very tight short jeans with a perfect waist hip ratio. I approach her and I see she loves it. She is twenty years old, from a small village and is drinking some sparkling lemonade from a big bottle and I notice it’s sweetened with Aspartame. I warn her in a teasing way that she shouldn’t drink the poison and tell her I’ll buy her a coffee instead. I first meet Tamás with her and he does some translating because he is Hungarian and the girl was still learning English. I tell him we are going to to find a way to swim somewhere and Tamás says he’s going home. I accompany her to do what she came to the shopping mall for, find a telephone in the media market and I take a picture of it to send to her Facebook. She has no phone to do it herself. Then I take her to find some bikini for her. We can’t find anything fitting except for a bikini top. We both at the same time say she could swim in the jeans and I add that we could possibly go swim naked and quickly change topic. When she’s fitting it I beat myself up that I’m not in the fitting room with her but tell myself to relax. I also tell myself that there is a store clerk in front of the fitting rooms and that I didn’t kiss her yet. I believe myself and try to look cool for when she comes back. When she comes back we gaze in each others eyes with a big smile and it all feels good again. I take out money and give it to her. I was the one who wanted to go swim anyway I tell myself, so this is okay. She comes back and gives me all the money back. She payed for the top herself.


The view from the sziget in the middle of the river

She takes me to a sziget, an island on the river, the Danu. Telling me we can swim there. I try to kiss her for the first time on the way there while pulling her hand back while walking hand in hand but she turns away. However though we both seem to look for a quiet place which is a good sign. We walk a bit longer and in a more quiet place I slowly turn around and direct her on a step higher then me so our heads have the same height. With a relaxed facial expression I slowly take her chin and position ourselves comfortable as if I was was doing a normal chore and tongue kiss her heavily. She grabs me hard. I’m the first one to let go to keep a leading frame. I tell her “let’s get you dressed to swim.”
When we finally find some bushes I take out her swim top and open her blouse while telling her I won’t look, too much. Place the top on top of the bra and take off the bra. When the top is on and I turn her around I take one side down and suck her nipple. She smiles at me and I smile at her. I lead her towards the water. She tells me that it is forbidden to swim there and a few days later I was told that they can fine you up to hundreds of euros for swimming there, which is a small fortune in Hungary.

When we come to a quiet spot near the water I see how strong the current is. I undress to my underwear and I’m the first one swimming. The river is really wide. No one could ever make it to the other side in a straight line. The rocks are big and slippery but they are good to hold on to. I decide to sit on them with my head just sticking out of the water. I grab her and tell her to hold on to me. She gives me some last minute resistance when I enter her with my fingers.

After tuning her on by biting her neck, nibbling her ear and pulling her hair I tell her I should get a condom from my wallet, just in case. Off course we end up fucking straight away when I return in the water and I put her jeans around my shoulder so she wouldn’t lose them. It was all very smooth as she was extremely wet, even in the water. Then we see police approaching us in a speedboat.

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